In former Yugoslavia and generally throughout
the Balkans, Bosnia & Herzegovina has always
been known for her excellent humor. Most former Yugoslavs
would agree that the best TV comedy shows in the country
were made in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Telling jokes
and telling them well is a part of being a Bosnian. The strong
spirit of the Bosnian people appears in their ability
to laugh about everything, even about themselves.
Only people who feel comfortable in their own skin can do so.

Sometimes you will hear some people
telling chauvinistic jokes about Bosnians
as being "stupid" and "dull."
Well, the lucidity of the archetypal
heroes of the Bosnian jokes -
Mujo and Suljo [Muyo and Sulyo]
or Huso and Haso, and their female "partner
in joke" Fata [Fatima] - proves such chauvinists wrong.

Mujo and Suljo, Huso and Haso, and Fata are the Bosnian
counterparts of the hero of Near and Middle Eastern humor -
Nasrettin Hoca or Mula Nasrudin. Although at first glance
these heroes may appear or pretend to be
ignorant and naive, soon it becomes clear
that they are actually sharp and witty,
self-confident and charming, lucid and funny.

Though it is often hard to translate jokes into a foreign language,
nevertheless, we will try to do so and keep on adding them to this page.
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